Emarat Misr

Gear & Transmission Oils

Trans Max

These are high quality transmission fluids for modern automatic gearboxes and other power transmission systems where GM Dexron III specifications are recommended. These are characterized by low viscosity, good low-temperature behaviour, high viscosity index, high load-carrying ability, extremely good oxidation stability, low foaming tendency and good anti-corrosion properties. These oils can also be used in most power shift transmissions, power steering and hydraulic units requiring the use of an exceptionally good transmission oil.

  • Designed friction characteristics for maximum performance
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Very good thermal stability
  • High viscosity index
Performance Standards:
  • GM Dexron III
  • Covers Dexron IID and former Type A Suffix A (TASA)
  • Allison C4