:: Our Customers Always Come First

The modern symbol of the swooping falcon and the colors of green, blue, and silver are
synonymous with Emarat Misr and its ongoing drive to achieve efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Nowhere is «Emarat Misr» commitment to providing a first class service to its customers better reflected than in its service stations which are designed to maximize functionally and aesthetic appeal.

:: We Are Committed to The Community

A continuing program of expansion has also included the introduction of new, innovative products to meet changing consumer demand and to keep pace with advancing

This has led to the development of selected lubricants and specialty products, which include premium, regular and unleaded fuels, transmission fluids, gas and fuel
oils as well as motor oils such as Power Plus.






:: Emarat Misr New Horizon

We Provide expert supply and distribution of petroleum, aviation fuel, marine fuel and lubricants.

Although the marketing of petroleum products is the cornerstone of the company’s activities, they also encompass the fields of research and development
and the establishment of new facilities.

And in the coming years, the company will turn its attention towards the community it serves with a policy aimed at social welfare
and environmental awareness.


:: Emarat Misr Convenience Stores

The C-Stores at Emarat Misr service stations is a one stop shop that stocks a wide range of various products.

In addition to that it offers retail
added values services.

The carefully designed outlets provide products and services to customers in an environment where the service is efficient and friendly.

:: News Press ::

EmaratMisr Enters Aviation Fuel Supply

As part of Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat" Expansion drive in all critical areas, and in an effort to enhance its foreign investment activities, "Emarat Misr" recently completed the requirements to qualify for the supply and sales of Jet fuel for aircraft in the Arab Republic of Egypt...

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