Emarat Misr

Retail Fuel

Retail Fuel

We believe in making lives better by providing high quality products and unbeatable service. As one of the largest suppliers of petroleum products in the UAE, we serve around 100 million retail and commercial customers every year. Strategically located in 60 locations all over Dubai, we operate state of the art service stations, offering services such as car wash, lube change, Shamil vehicle testing, tyre express and convenience stores, with fuel being our core line of business. Our staff goes through regular training in health, safety and environmental issues to ensure a safe work environment and sustainability.

We supply 4 main types of fuel at the retail service station:
Gasolin (95)

Gasolin (95) offers excellent performance for old and new petrol-driven vehicles.

Gasolin (92)

Gasolin (92) has a higher octane that makes it suitable for high-performance petrol-driven vehicles


Diesal is suitable for all diesel-driven vehicles, cars and trucks.