Emarat Misr

Petrol Engine Oils

Power Plus

Power Plus 20W50 is the highest level Mineral Oil based petrol engine Oil in the Power series. It is a premium quality, shear-stable multigrade oil formulated for outstanding performance in a wide range of applications, including passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with diesel engines. The Oil maximizes engine life, protects against rust and corrosion and maintains excellent control on oil consumption. It surpasses the warranty requirements of a variety of petrol and diesel engines and provides exemplary protection to the engine parts. It is an ideal oil for mixed fleets of petrol and diesel engines.

  • High engine protection under stiff operating conditions
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation, corrosion and sludge formation
  • Excellent dispersancy – Keeps engine exceptionally clean
  • Very good Viscosity Stability during use
  • Low Oil consumption
Performance Standards:
  • ACEA A3-98*
  • Covers API SC , SE, SF, SG, SH and SJ
  • ACEA B3-98*
  • CCMC G4 / D4 PD 2
  • MB 229.1*
  • MIL – L – 46152D
  • VW 501/505 quality