Description / Application:


These are very high quality shear-stable diesel engine oils formulated to afford exceptional levels of engine cleanliness and remarkable protection against wear. They are suitable for all types of engines, diesel/petrol/CNG/LPG operated. The broad range of specification makes it ideal for use in mixed fleet of commercial vehicles as it combines superb performance with extended oil-life.  



  • Exceptional engine protection under high load conditions
  • Superior engine cleanliness
  • Excellent protection against corrosion and sludge formation
  • Highly reduced wear and deposits
  • Multigrade (15W40) characteristics for all seasons use


Performance Standards:

  • API CH4/SL, CG4, CF4, CF/SJ, SH
  • Cummins 20071
  • MB p229.1
  • Volvo VDS
  • VW 501/505 quality
  • ACEA B2-98/B3-98/B4-98

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