Emarat Misr Enters Aviation fuel Supply Market  

As part of Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat" Expansion drive in all critical areas, and in an effort to enhance its foreign investment activities, "Emarat Misr" recently completed the requirements to qualify for the supply and sales of Jet fuel for aircraft in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

"Vision" conducted this important dialogue with Mohamed Juma, General Manger of "Emarat Misr", to shed light on one of the most important activities of the company after the completion of al formalities based on international standards to supply the local market with jet fuel.    

Through you work to steer the company into a bigger share of the market, could you shed a little light on the role of energy in the future vision for economic development in Egypt?


Energy has become a global issue of fundamental interest to all nations of the world, whether they are producers or consumers, and not only at the local level, for its central role to economic development plans. Therefore, many countries seek to continue their focus on this vital issue, while discussions and development of integrated development strategies are still ongoing in light of rapid global changes in the oil and energy markets, which – in return – have a direct impact on the petroleum industry globally, regionally and locally.








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