The Birth of a Company

A private company established under Egyptian investment law no. (8 / 1997) under capital investment about 1.5 billion US$ Design capacity 100.000 b/d (5MM. Tons / year) Objectives To produce high quality products meeting the European standards for 2005 for export and domestic consumption.

MIDOR unique features  

Most recent grass root sophisticated refinery in the Mediterranean area.
Only refinery in Egypt that does not produce fuel oil as it uses high conversion scheme based on licensed units including hydro cracker and delayed cocker.
Refinery operations and products are environmentally friendly. Currently applies integrated control systems (DCS & SCADA) in addition to an Information
Management System (IMS) and Advanced Process Control Systems (APS) in the near future. Applies integrated HSEQ management system.

MIDOR an environmentaly friendly refinery    

Refinery design considered recommendations of the EIA study of Woodward – Clyde, Omaha, Neb. As well as Egyptian environmental law no. 1994/4. Refinery produces unleaded gasoline (Ron 98-95) and low sulphurient fuel and diesel.
Refinery effluent water is treated using API separator, (IAF) and biological treatment units. Sludges resulting are routed to cocker. Air Emissions are limited to: SOx units < 60 mg / m3 NOx units < 400 mg / m3 Noise level < 75 db at 1 m from each equipment.


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