As of the beginning of 2009 Emarat Misr has completed all qualifying criteria to start aviation fuel business at Cairo Airport.

It's Worth mentioning to advice that we are offering the into plane service up to the highest standard in the industry via an into plane agreement with ExxonMobil to satisfy our customer's requirements.

On the other hand and in order to extend & spread Emarat Misr's existence in the Egyptian Aviation Fuel market, recently we have succeeded to accomplish commercial service agreement with Misr Petroleum Co. to execute all fuel requirement and commitment for our customers at all Egyptian domestic A/Ps.

In Addition to the above mentioned achievements and in line with Emarat Misr long vision and strategies, we signed an agreement with Misr Petroleum company to share them at New Borg El Arab airport project investment 50% / 50% for each party in the into plane facilities and management up to the specifications and for subject industry to meet the high potential demand for the aviation carriers specially scheduled and charter flights / cargo calling "HBE" Borg El Arab A/P.

Operations at Borg El Arab expected to start by the beginning of the 2nd Quarter of the year 2010.




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